About Us

Natalie WaldenAs founder of The Ramsi Reed Foundation I am delighted to tell you how it all began and what our purpose and goals are…

In April of 2011, my sister Diana Reed, mother to Ramsi, and I began to talking about Ramsi and she proceeded to tell me that they had just gone to one of her routine doctors appointments earlier that day and that they had gotten some upsetting news. She explained a few things to me and it was only then that I’d realized the severity of Ramsi’s condition. I had known something was wrong but Diana is a very strong independent woman and was just handling it on her own.

That night I went home and researched Mitochondrial Disease online. I cried and cried at what I found and stories I had read about such young sweet children. I decided right then that I would do whatever I could to help my sister and her daughter, and also others like her in my community. My first move was making a Facebook page titled The Ramsi Reed Foundation. We immediately had followers who showed huge amounts of love and support. I told my sister I wanted to start a Foundation under Ramsi’s name that could raise money for research and for children in the community that were suffering with a Mitochondrial disease.

On April 21, 2011 we sat down, made it official, and got the ball rolling. That was the beginning and we’ve come a ways since then with so much more in mind for the future.

Our goals are to promote awareness and education of Mitochondrial Disease and to raise money to support those affected and also to give to research. Today Mitochondrial disease is more common in kids than cancer, yet not many people know what it is or have even heard about it. We will change that little by little.